Subscriptions - IMPORTANT


Dear Developers,

Kindly be informed that starting from the 1st of August 2019 our Accounts and Payments APIs, on our Developer portal (Sandbox), are protected by the mutual TLS authentication.

 To explore our APIs successfully, we would like to inform you of the following:



In case you registered on our Developer portal (Sandbox) before the 1st of August 2019, as well as subscribed to our APIs, you should subscribe once again only for our:

    • OAuth API
    • Payments API

   Reiteration of the subscription to the Accounts API and Confirmation of funds API is not needed as it was migrated from the Accounts API Sandbox



In case you are a brand new user, you have to subscribe for our:

    • Accounts API
    • OAuth API
    • Payments API
    • Confirmation of funds API